Top 10 Amazing Facts About World Largest Snake That Ever Existed

Top 10 Amazing Facts About World Largest Snake That Ever Existed

Today we are going to tell you about a monster snake which was the biggest snake on earth till date. before which anaconda also seemed like a baby.

This snake is named Titanoboa Snake

Which is no longer known on this earth, although some scientists had claimed last year that this snake is still present in the Amazon River, this truth has not been revealed yet.

Let’s know some interesting things about Titanoboa Snake

1. Titanoboa Snake was born 6 million years after the end of the dinosaur era, 10 million years on Earth and ruled the entire forest.

2. You can guess from how dangerous Taitanoboa Snake would be that the length of this snake was about 42 to 50 feet and its weight was about 1500 kg.

3. These giant snakes used to swallow crocodiles very easily.

Titanoboa snake

4. The snake is named after the Titanic ship because the Titanoboa snake was also huge and rugged like the Titanic ship, and was larger than all the snakes in the Prehistoric period.

5. You will be surprised to know that this giant monster called snake did not have poisonous teeth like the rest of the snakes and neither did this monster believe in dashing and killing people like other snakes.

6. The Titanoboa snake had so many sharp teeth that he used to hunt the victim with lots of bone.

7. The Titanoboa snake attacked its prey with a force of 181 kg / sq. Inch, which caused the prey to die on its own.

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8. Now there will be a question in everyone’s mind whether this snake was present in the world or is it just a fantasy. So, let me tell you that in 2009, the biggest puzzle about this giant snake was revealed.

Titanoboa snake fossils
Image Credit- Pinterest

At the time of excavation in Colombia in 2009, 28 structures of this snake were found, seeing the length of which, they were stunned.

This biology team led by Dr. Jonathan Bloch found many fossils of Titanoboa and their team researched it. Which showed that it was the largest snake in the whole world and it was estimated that its length would be around 42 to 50 feet.

After seeing the huge length of this snake, this giant snake was later named “Titanoboa“.

9. The Titanoboa snake could lift its tail up to 6 feet into the air.

10. According to scientists, this is the reason for the size of the snake, so the temperature of the earth can be hot at that time.

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