11 Interesting Facts About The Statue of Liberty

11 Interesting Facts About The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is America’s pride. Today I will tell you 10 Interesting Facts about the Statue of Liberty, which you might not even know.

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Here are Interesting facts about The Statue of Liberty.

#1 – There is a huge statue on a small island near New York Harbor called the Statue of Liberty And this entire island is called Liberty Island. The statue stands with a torch in one hand and a book in the other.

#2 – The full name of the Statue of Liberty is – “Liberty Enlightening the World

#3 – In 1886, France offered this statue to America as its friendship symbol.

#4 – The Torch of the Statue of Liberty was first built in 1876. But the torch was damaged in 1916 by an attack by German soldiers during the First World War.

Old statue of liberty
Image – Pinterest.com

#5 – It cost 1 lac dollar to fix it again. The old torch of the Statue of Liberty was replaced in 1984 with a tabernacle torch mounted on a 24 kg gold hoop.

#6 – The Statue of Liberty took a little over 9 years to form. Parts of it were made in France, including its head. and due to the strong wind, the idol starts moving up to 3 inches and its torch by 5 inches.

#7 – The seven-pointed nails emanating from the statue’s crown represent the seven continents of the world. The length of a nail is 9 feet and weighs 149.914 pounds . and the total weight of the statue of liberty is 450,000 pounds

#8 – In the left hand of the statue is a book on which the date of American Independence Day (4 July 1776) is written in Roman. Like this – JULY IV MDCCLXXVI

The statue of liberty book
Image – Pixabay.com

#9 – The idol is built with inspiration from the Roman goddess Libertas (Libertas) as she is considered the goddess of freedom. The sculptor made it on his mother’s face.

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#10 – The Statue of Liberty is the 47th tallest statue in the world. And the world’s tallest statue is the Statue of Unity which is located in India.

#11 – The photo of this statue has been printed on a US $ 10 bill. and Statue of Liberty has also been duplicated in Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil, and China.

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