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Most mysterious natural places in the world

world's most mysterious places

Natural centuries have been astonishing to humans, whenever we think that we know its secret then again a new and deeper rule will come in front of us, in today's post, I will tell you that as well as being natural There is also a resounding.

5.-Boiling river

Between the forest of the Amazon there is a river whose water is so hot that if someone falls in it then it can boil alive, the water of the river is up to 91 degrees and the scientist has not even been able to find out that its water is so much Why is hot? This river is in the South America of Amazon, its length is 6.5 km, which was discovered in 2011 by Scientific Andres Ruozo. Ruozo said that the water here is so hot that you can make tea directly. By hitting half-second, you will feel very jealous, while falling in it can easily die When the river was discovered, the scientists were surprised to see it as it is not possible to have such a river. Generally, such hot water is found around any active volcano whereas no 500 volcanoes of this river are volcanoes. No one has the answer to why it is boiling.

top amazing place in the world

4.-Poisonous cave

In a cave in Romania there is a tilted lake, where a ray of light did not reach the last 55 million years The air of the cave is toxin and water is sulfuric and it is completely filled with hydrogen sulphide. The atmosphere of this dark and poisonous cave is such that life can never be expected to flourish But by coming to this, the cave insults the world of science, despite the environment being poisonous, life is also flourishing. The researchers have found 33 species of such species that are not found in the world. Scientists are ecstatic to the entire ecosystem of this cave because life in such a poisonous environment does not work in any miracle. In the last 55 million years, here is a completely new environment which has surprised everyone with the challenge of science.
top dangerous place in the world

3.-A waterfall that turns any thing into stone

A waterfall is in Yorkshire England that turns anything into stone, whatever thing that is placed in front of this spring gives it an edge over the stone.For the last several years here, our things leave here and till the time they come back, that thing is made of stone. Although it takes 4 to 5 months to turn them into stone. Initially, people believed that this waterfall is cursed, due to which it happens, but the reason behind the scientific facts came out. Scientists say that due to the volume of mineral water being very high, this is happening here. The pearl layer of Minerals is climbing over anything by water so that it becomes solid like a stone, its secret is open even though the waterfall is still shocking to the people.
amazing place in the world

4.-Place where lightning flows 28 times at a time

It is said that electricity in the sky does not flash twice in one place but you will be surprised to know that lightning shines thousands of times in an hour on any stormy night over a South American country Venezuelan lake. The Catatumbo river in Venezuela, which is 260 days in a year, is blowing in the stormy night of the 260 days. Thousands of times during the 9 hours of night, with lightning shining, the thunder of the sky is heard Electricity flows around 250 / km every year During the month of January and February the number of lightning decreases But in the rainy season of October, the number of lightning shines is very high. There is so much brightness in falling lightning that it can be seen from 400 km At this time the sky seems to be bathed in many colors. According to the study of scientists, due to the high levels of methane in the oiled areas near the lake, the sky is more lightning in the sky, but there is another place in the world where methane is high, but there is no such phenomenon like lightening.Even after many scientific facts, the truth behind this is not revealed to anyone, why nobody is so popular.
world most lightening place

5.- A pond that changes colors

Hokkaido Island is a pond in Japan that is the most beautiful and rare in the world It is said that the water of this lake is very blue, which is seen in different colors when viewed from different angles. Although this pond was not made naturally, it was made like a protective wire on a dam But when the pond started changing its color, everyone was surprised.On changing the season, it changes many colors, in which it turns blue from green. Scientists believe that the water of the pond changes its color due to the amount of aluminum hydroxide in water The pond is as beautiful as it is, the changing color of its water has been embracing people for many years.
hokkaido pond

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