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Beautiful horse of the world – horse of heaven ( golden horse)

Beautiful horse in the world

It is about 50 years ago that when the motor vehicles were very little on road. People often used to ride ride a horse-carriage because the horse is said to be the best ride in animals. One aspect of this is that this gallop runs fast and the other side is that it does not get tired despite the escape of miles. However, from ancient times to modern times, there has been debate about horse species. In ancient times, the king used to treat each other with special species of horses. From this, you can imagine how many horses were asked. Today, we are going to tell you about a horse of a particular species which people are often fascinated by. This horse is called a horse of heaven. These horses are more beautiful than all other horse breeds. This horse species is known as Akhal Teke. This horse is found in Turkmenistan. According to the scientists, the glow of this horse reflects light, due to which its body appears to be glowing.
beautiful horse of the world
Apart from being beautiful looking these horses are also known for speed and sense. But sadly, the species of these horses is on the verge of extinction. The number of these horses is now just 6600. Akhal Teke is known as a fast running horse, because it escapes with full force and is physically strong. In the year 1960, this horse was run in the Rome Olympics.


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