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World's most powerful car,Renault Trezor Electric Supercar

world's most powerful and beautiful car trezor

Cars will be seen by all of you, but today the car we are going to roam around is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. Design Once you see it, then understand it will be love where we are talking about Renault-electric supercar Trezor, which has been named the world's most beautiful car in Italy in the past.

beautiful car of the world

In fact, the car was competed by many expensive cars in the world along with this car on the occasion of Compact Concorso d'Eleganza villa d'Este in Italy. This event was held in Italy between May 26 and May 28 last month. Where this fest took place in the world many expensive cars. And in that event, Trezor won the title of Best Design Car in the Prototype and Concept category.

The same car was also won by the 2016 Concept Car of the Year award during the Geneva Motor Show. This is a complete concept car, but the hope is that in the future, cars of similar designs will be seen.


This car can hold 0 to 100 kmpH speed in 4 seconds from work time. It has a high speed electric motor engine of 260 kW which is capable of generating 350 HP power. This car is equipped with intelligentity when you sit in this car then this car asks you to put your phone in the slot near the hand.

most powerful car in the world

This car will work entirely on autonomous systems. At the same time, the company says that it wants to launch such cars in the market by 2020 which will be able to fully self-driving.

Autonomous mode has been given in the Renault Trezor , where steering wheels are expands on autonomous mode and can be easily seen on the panoramic screen on the dashboard. In this mode, the light of the vehicle’s rear and side logo starts burning. This makes the news to others that the car is on self-driving mode.


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