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World's most dangerous roads

The most dangerous roads in the world

Every country in the world wants to improve its roads, but some roads are such that it is not just about human beings to improve. This road is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is a matter of great courage to drive cars on these roads, because on these roads, there is a storm of death every moment. There is still movement on these roads.

1. Tianmen road, china

The 11 kilometer long road has been constructed on this mountain to cover only 1100 meters. There are many dangerous curves on this road, on this road there is a very deep trench on one side, there is also a dangerous turning point on the other side, The car can distract the cunning.

most dangerous road in world

2. Skippers Canyon Road,New Zealand

The New Zealand skipers Canyon is one of the world's most dangerous roads. It is said that if you do not have life insurance then you should not go on this road. There is every thing on this road that makes it deadly. Turning blind on this path. It is so dangerous to have a deep turn, a broken road and a transit point on this road in many places. The length of this road is only 16.5 kilometers but there is a danger at every turn.

most dangerous road in world

3. Luxor-al-Hurghada Road,Egypt

No one is advised to take a car on this road in the Hargra area because many terrorists and robbers are seen on this road. The robbers attack the road running on this road. The condition of this road is also very bad, due to which there are many accidents.

Luxor-al-Hurghada Road,Egypt

4. zojila pass, India

The road between Kashmir and Ladakh is also considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road length of 11575 feet is 9 kilometers in length. Most of the winds and snowstorms run in this area, which makes this road more dangerous. Due to the rains due to the mud, there is a possibility of getting stuck on it and a mistake can also cause a fall in the trench.

This highway built by cutting the mountains is the world's highest international highway connecting China and Pakistan. This path on the mountains is dangerous from its inception. The danger of facing a terrible mist and storm on this road always remains There is a situation like flooding, falling under the water of the mountains and depositing it here. There is also a fortress of terrorists around this road which makes it even more dangerous.

dangerous road in the world\

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