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iPhone 8 is coming soon, when iPhone 8 will launch?

iPhone 8 will launch soon

iPhone 8 has just a few month left to launch. Meanwhile Apple has unveiled some important things with the announcement of the IOS 11. IOS 11 is the new operating system of the company that has brought great new features in the iPhone and iPad. If news reports, the iPhone 8 can be introduced with the iOS 11. In this case, some new features are coming in the iPhone 8, which can be given in this phone with iOS 11.

More smart than ever

With iOS 11 update, Siri will be smarter than ever in the iPhone 8. It will tell you about your surroundings. In addition, it will also inform you of the time and place of your upcoming meetings. The company has said that we want to give a phone to the phone users who take care of their average day-to-day tasks.

Powerful camera

This update will make the phone's camera even better. Photographs drawn from this will replace the JPEG file format with HEIF. The size of the new format file will be doubled and also the low light performance will improve. This will help make the iPhone 8's camera more powerful. There is a lot more to learn about HEIF. The company will soon announce how it will work and what to support. However, nothing more can be said about this camera before the official announcement of the company.

More Focus on Videos

IOS 11 will not only reduce the image size of the phone Rather, the size of the videos will also be doubled. It is believed that the camera or dual rear camera can be given for better video recording on the rear panel of the iPhone 8.

Agumented &amp Virtual Reality

In WWDC 2017, Apple adopted AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). In addition, the developers were given tools to make their content. During this time, the new iPad Pro 2 also saw demo of VR in AR and new iMac. In this Pokemon Go app running on the iPhone got better AR view. In this game, there was a slight new effect in Pokeball that could not be called better. But it is believed that much better AR and VR will be given in the iPhone 8. At the same time, it is also being said that like Samsung, Apple can also launch Gear VR headset for its iPhone 8.


New picture quality

The phone's app app has also been updated with iOS 11 update. In the Memories, a group of images will be displayed in which all the photos of the user will be included. Also, it will convert memories to mini video. Whenever we take a photo, either they are taken in landscape mode or in portrait mode. In this way, whenever the mini-video from the iPhone Memories will create the picture, it will change landscape photo in portrait mode and portrait photo in landscape mode. If the iPhone brings this technology to all other apps and functions, then it will have to work less on iOS 11 for a different display size.


  1. That's pretty cool features of iPhone 8 but here you don't mention that when iPhone 8 will release.

    1. Mr. justice lorry thanks for visit our website i am really very sorry for not mention the date of iPhone 8 release. i am not able to provide correct date of release because Apple has not launched official date.


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