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Do not make this mistake on Android phones

Users always make this mistake on Android phone

During the first few days of launching Android smartphone we only want to know everything about the phone. While spending a few days with the phone, it seems as if the phone is preoccupied, and taking care of the phone, which also says to care. Due to this behavior, people often make many mistakes related to their phones that have to suffer heavy losses. This is not the case with any Android user, but most Android users appear to make such mistakes. Further, we have mentioned 12 major mistakes that Android phones consumers often make.

1. charging cycle

First of all, let me tell you about phone charging. Often you charge the phone and take it away immediately. It is a big mistake. Because the battery life cycle is. Once the phone is in the charging, a cycle ends, even if you do not charge it full.

phone charging

2. battery lifting

Often people charge the phone's batteries when it is less than 20 percent or completely free of charge. But you probably do not know that this is a phone battery performance report. Keeping the battery between 20% and 80% is better.

3. Imitation Mobile Accessories

Due to the low cost, people often buy unbranded accessories such as batteries, chargers etc. for phones, but do not know how dangerous it is. Because this does not have any scales on them and such accessories can cause significant damage to the phone.

 4. Downloading App from Anywhere

Android phone has third party app store support. Apart from this, you can also install the app through side loading such as by downloading an APK on a PC or by transferring an APK from a phone's Bluetooth. This method is extremely dangerous for your phone. This threatens to cause massive amounts of viruses in the phone. On the other hand, many people also click on attractive advertisements which are wrong.

 5. Ignore Updates

Android smartphones often keep up to date but we do not update due to the Internet's wail. This is a big mistake. Because in the company not only adds new features to the phone and app in the update, there is much more to protect just the phone.


6. Free WiFi

On seeing the free WiFi, we started connecting with my phone so that we could download the movie and the app. But such a mistake is very heavy on your phone. There is a risk of large amounts of virus coming in free WiFi.

7. Exclude Bluetooth Aunts

Often people transfer data from Bluetooth and leave it on the other side. This is a big mistake and it can be damaged in the form of viruses and hacks. Although Bluetooth has become much safer than ever before but it is a mistake to leave the Bluetooth Aan.

8. Not Enabling Device Manager

The Device Manager feature is very useful for Android users. This is very effective in losing the phone. Not only can you find the phone but also destroy the data of the remote phone, but despite having such an effective feature, many people do not enable it.


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